Willa Fine Arts

We create content-driven art packages and curated collections for corporate clients.  We leverage our exclusive network of artists to help you achieve your business goals.

We're a Full-service art consultancy

delivering authentic, hyperlocal art packages, collaborations, and content-ready design experiences to corporate clients.  


We Apply Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence to help extend the value of your art & design beyond the aesthetics.



Concept and Planning

A strategic curation plan for both your physical and digital spaces is where we start.  Our approach elevates the traditional definition of an art package to save you time, create meaningful content and extend the value of your art and design.  


Design and selection

We leverage our exclusive network of artists, curators, and design professionals to create a unique, relevant art experience that is tailored to your business needs and growth plans.


Art acquisition 

Great artwork activates emotion and helps define authenticity. When curated properly it will signal the personality and mission of an organization and reinforce the pursuit of common goals. We build the story of who you are help you share it with those who matter most.  



Production and fulfillment

From environmental graphics to custom designed art pieces, we ensure that all aspects of production and logistics are executed on time, on budget, and with a special nod to sustainability and responsibility.     


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

A balance between visual creativity and carefully planned content distribution now defines the high-performance art package. Our technology can help you extend the value of the art and design beyond just the aesthetics.